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Har Suyash Bahadur

I am Suyash,
a product designer.

2 years of experience at Postman

B.Des from IDC, IIT Bombay

I design products, digital and beyond, with expertise in analysing problems, conducting research and crafting interfaces. Check out my work and reach out with any opportunities.

Product design for impact

  • Improved debugging flow

    Led the problem discovery, journey mapping and design of the debugging flow for API tests in Postman.

    UI/UX design

  • Accessible error signifier

    A small change big impact story of creating subtle yet effective error signifiers and reducing the error.

    UI/UX design

  • Engagement in learning

    An exploratory research to improve students' emotional and cognitive engagement in class participation.

    Design research

Exploring design beyond screens

  • Assistive device to pour

    A device that helps visually impaired users safely pour hot liquids by communicating with its form.

    Industrial design